Designs by Davo

A knife is one of mans first tools on earth and for the longest we have been trying to better this tool in all possible ways. From the ergonomics of the knife, steels composition, edge retention, weight distribution, the list never ends on key factors makers are trying to perfect in order to achieve what they believe is the best performing knife. My designs and concepts of what a knife should be is constantly evolving. I incorporate my roots and the urban lifestyle I live into the knives I make. Below are some of my designs and show key benefits as to why the are made the way they are.

The DX2 was designed to be your go to every day carry folding knife. The design took years in the making and offers all around comfortable ergonomics in both forward grip and reverse grip. Handmade in the USA with Mil-spec and Aerospace grade materials such as military grade 6AL4V titanium for the framelock. Exotic handle materials can be incorporated for the scale side upon request. Features a 3.5 inch blade with a flipper tab that becomes a safety choil in the open position. Blade comes in a traditional drop point or Tanto style balde and comes with a tip up carry pocket clip for quick deployment. Contact us for current availability.

The Nanogrid was one of the most unique designs I have created as I initially started by drawing a pyramid on a piece of paper and the pyramid gave birth to the extremely compact Nano design. The Nanogrid incorporates a 2 finger grip combo that uses a lanyard to create the remaining portion of the handle in your palm. The Nanogrid is what I call an international knife as you can travel to almost any country and through any airport with this folder. Regulations cannot restrict your when you carry a Nanogrid. Comfortable in both forward grip and reverse grip makes this an ideal edc tool including for defense situations. Frame lock is made of Milspec 6AL4V titanium and scale side is composed of either 6AL4V, Carbon Fiber, or G10. Blades are made of high carbon steel which are great performers in the knife industry ideal for hunting blades due to its edge retention and durability. Handmade in the USA. 

The Wharned Mini is a compact version of the standard Wharned series. Features a Wharncliffe style blade that gives a vibe that "Youve been Wharned" when pulled out. Ideal for  EDC "every day carry" due to size and versatility. All Wharned models come with a kydex sheaths setup for belt clip systems or neck carry. In reverse grip the Wharned mini feels like your hand converts into a karambit knife. 

The MCU stands for Multi Chisel Ulu. On a trip to Alaska I came across what is known as an Ulu knife. An Ulu increases dexterity and leverage, making fine cuts simple and chopping easier. I was inspired to make a multi tactical version on the Ulu. The MCU will not fold in your hand due to the large safety choil on the blade. Just grip the knife and you are ready to cut or stab. All MCU's come standard with a chisel tanto style blade or can be requested in a 3/4th grind as pictured.



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